Self-study Courses for ISO Management Systems

Our Self-study Courses includes free support in English from an ABCI Instructor via email for questions and answers about the information provided in the course.

Also, unless a course is otherwise noted as ‘not PECB’, the Self-study Course includes an option to take PECB Certification exam. However, the examination requires a PECB approved administrator or proctor to monitor the 2 to 3 hour exam and submit the participate(s) completed exam to PECB.

The Self-study course fee does not include any cost, which may be associated with a proctor or travel expenses of a proctor or the participate(s) travel expenses to take a PECB Certification examination with a PECB approved proctor.

Payment Plan options are available through PayPal Financial Services.  Click to view locations for Certification examinations.

  • Self-study Training Course Descriptions Price Each  
    AS9100D Lead Implementer Transition Course $300
    Course for Transitioning from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 (PECB) $150
    ISO 9001 Lead Auditor for Quality Management Systems $975
    ISO 9001 Lead Implementer for Quality Management Systems $975
    ISO 13053 Lead Auditor (Six Sigma based) (PECB) $975
    ISO 13053 Lead Implementer (Six Sigma based) (PECB) $975
    ISO 13485 Lead Auditor Quality Mgt. for Medical Devices (PECB) $1175
    ISO 13485 Lead Implementer Quality Mgt. for Medical Devices (PECB) $975
    ISO 14001 Lead Auditor for Environmental Mgt. $975
    ISO 14001 Lead Implementer for Environmental Mgt. $975
    ISO 17025 Auditor for Laboratory Quality Mgt. (Not accredited) (not PECB) $975
    ISO 17025 Lead Implementer for Laboratory Quality Mgt. (Not accredited) (not PECB) $975
    ISO 18001 Lead Auditor Health & Safety Mgt. (PECB) $975
    ISO 18001 Lead Implementer Health & Safety Mgt. (PECB) $975
    ISO 20000 Lead Auditor IT & Telecom Mgt. (PECB) $1175
    ISO 20000 Lead Implementer IT & Telecom Mgt. (PECB) $975
    ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Business Continuity Mgt. $1175
    ISO 22301 Lead Implementer Business Continuity Mgt. $975
    ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Information Security Mgt. (PECB) $1175
    ISO 27001 Lead Implementer Information Security Mgt. (PECB) $975

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