Planning, Scheduling and Recording Training Effectiveness

We all know the importance of planning, scheduling and executing an effective personnel training program for the continual improvement of quality and customer satisfaction. When discussing this topic of planning, scheduling and executing training, often times the question comes up, “how do you track personnel training and its effectiveness?”

The answers are various and many, which includes the use of spreadsheets, paper forms, calendars and databases. The question and the answers prompted me to explore an effective and efficient semi-automated solution.

Therefore, inside QMSCAPA I have published an example of how one can setup and manage a plan and schedule for personnel training, which includes a method of recording the training results and effectiveness.

We view training as “three dimensional”, which involves:

  • People to be trained;
  • Training Programs or Courses;
  • A schedule of Training Programs or Courses and the enrolled students.

Therefore, in order to construct an easy to use and effective training module inside QMSCAPA I created the following relational databases:

  • A list of personnel and instructors;
  • A list of training places;
  • A list of Training Programs, which includes a list of elements of the course;
  • A list Training Programs that are planned, which includes a list of personnel that are enrolled.

These interrelated databases allow me to report:

  • A detailed list of Training Programs and elements;
  • A detailed list of Training that is planned, scheduled and completed;
  • A detailed list of Personnel that are enrolled into Training Programs and the results the training.

To see this software module in action, download QMSCAPA from ABCI-Software. Look for the Download QMSCAPA Software menu option on the left-side.

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