ABCI ISO Training Course Catalog Updated

We are pleased to share our new ABCI-PECB Training catalogue for ISO Training Classes.

Download Training Course Catalogue


The role of standards often goes unnoticed, but in fact, standards are there to reassure businesses and consumers that products and services are safe, consistent and of quality.

In today’s world, they are strategic practical tools that are needed to tackle local and global challenges. Being the justification of our society, they provide protection, proven modern solutions, good motives, customer satisfaction, social and economic benefits, facilitate trade with global benefits, and ultimately provide a safer world to live in. In a nutshell, international standards are essential for sustainable development and we count on them.

  • ABCI-PECB Courses are designed to contribute to the standardization of best practices, with the intention to enhance the accessibility of standards and certification to the whole world.
  • ABCI-PECB is aware of their importance and that’s why it offers its expertise on multiple fields, with services that inspire trust, demonstrate recognition and benefit society as a whole.
  • ABCI-PECB Trainings will help you broaden the knowledge and extend your qualifications further by becoming a Certified Professional.
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